“This is so much more than a music lesson”, “You gave me the courage I needed to step upon the stage”, “You gave my child confidence”, are some of the common reviews spoken about Empower Sound Studios.

Your Teacher:

pic by kevin-fargo-radio showHannaH has been teaching private music lessons for 12 years. Nominated Best Female Vocalist in the Hartford Advocate, she has been performing in bands since 1999. She has toured across the country performing folk, blues and reggae in venues and festivals. She has written and recorded 4 studio albumns. She has written songs & recorded with veteran funk man Louis Johnson (of Brothers Johnson). Johnson recorded bass with Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCarteney, Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones.

Mojha MacDowellShe attended the Hartford Conservatory for Musical Performance and voice. She studied voice in New York City with Greg Drew (vocal coach to Lenny Kravitz, Avrill Levine, Corey Glover(Living Colour).

She has studied songwriting at Berklee School of Music Online. Her private studies include:

Voice w/ Greg Drew-NYC(vocal coach to Lenny Kravitz, Avrill Levine, Corey Glover (Living Colour), Voice (Classical/Broadway) w/Claudia Ayer, Voice (Classical) w/ Jennifer White, Voice (pop/rock) w/Azara Productions, Voice (Jazz) w/Giacamo Gates.

Guitar w/Kurtis Henneberry (Renata), Guitar w/ Gene Donaldson (Stingrays), Guitar w/ Kevin Cason, Guitar w/Chris Newall, Guitar w/Mark Paradis

Latin Percussion w/ Junior Ortiz (Dickey Betts Band), Percussion Ensemble w/ Ed Fast & Jessee Hameen.


high tide crown by stacy kurtz 4“I never would have crossed that line from dream to reality if it weren’t for HannaH pushing me. Music is such a beautiful and creative outlet that I will treasure every day for the rest of my life.”
— Colleen Patterson, singer/guitarist/songwriter

“She is quick to diagnose a problem and did so, five minutes after I got there. Her voice techniques work very well. She also has helped me with finishing off songs I have composed and together we have made one c.d. and are on a second one”
— Maggie Mischak, singer & songwriter

“No one makes me feel more confident!” — Wes, rock singer/guitarist/songwriter

“HannaH is an incredibly easy person to work with, which is an important trait for a teacher, especially for me as an adult. I enjoyed her warm personality, never-ending patience, and encouragement.”
— Amanda Kenyon, singer, Blue Crane Music

“The idea that I would ever be capable of writing a song used to be foreign to me, and now it’s something I think about on a daily basis”
— Colleen Patterson, singer/songwriter/guitarist

“HannaH was the starting point for the performing vocalist and instrumentalist that I am today.“
— Amanda Kenyon, Blue Crane Music

“I would recommend Hannah to anyone who loves to sing! I was having chronic sore throats and pain while singing, so I tried using some vocal CD’s to work on my technique. They didn’t help much, so I contacted Hannah and within the first lesson, she was able to pinpoint the habits that were causing the problem and give me exercises that were targeted to my specific needs. She has been a lifesaver as I am able to get through long band rehearsals now without discomfort. In addition to helping me with technique, we have also worked on range, improvisation, blues scales, transposing songs to different keys and music theory. I genuinely look forward to my lessons with Hannah because I always learn something new, and she is a delight to work with – I always leave smiling!”
— Sarah Pech, Songwriter/lead singer Audio Jane

“Hannah was such a pleasure to work with: During each vocal session I felt that I had her undivided attention and each lesson was based on my individual needs and progress. I was given attainable and effective homework assignments each week. I enjoyed the one-on-one, customized learning experience and left each lesson encouraged by her genuine enthusiasm.”
— Erica Lynn Hulme, lead singer/guitar/songwriter Luck-E 13