Should I take an hour or half hour lesson?

If you are a beginner singer or guitarist-a half an hour is perfect. Your vocal chords or fingers will be worked out in a short time when you are learning new techniques.

Hour lessons are for professional singers and musicians or people getting close to performing live. An hour is also perfect for songwriting lessons or if you are recording songs.

How do I schedule my first lesson?

Call or email and we will come up with the perfect time for you.

I have never studied voice. What will a lesson be like?

Relax! You do not have to know anything about music to sing. We will work on breathing techniques to support your voice, warm up exercises to strengthen your singing and expand your range and ear training so you can sing on pitch and gain more control and freedom of your voice. The first half of the lesson will be technique and the second half we shall apply it to a song.

I get a sore throat when I sing. Can you help me?

Yes! I can show you ways to sing without straining your voice.